Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June Graze Box #1

Hello PPB's

I'm pretty sure you have all heard of Graze by now, I have been thinking about getting them for a while now and I took that step last month. My first box arrived today. I didn't really know what to expect to be honest and when I got home from work and found it on my bed I got a little excited :).
It's very cute if you ask me, a perfect sized box to fit through your letter box, which is something I love, don't have to worry about waiting in to sign for something or having to get them to leave it in a shed or behind a bin while your out. Inside is separated into 4 sections and each section is obviously full of something different.
After you have eaten your lovely treats you can then decided on the website if you want to receive them again by choosing Bin | Try | Like | Love. I personally think each helping is the perfect snack size and I'd much prefer to eat this sort of snack then a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps.
There is a whole variety of things to choose from, as you can see in my box, I've got a sweet thing. (The Carrot cake is amazing btw) to little nibble snacks like the pistachios and popcorn to things that would be perfect to pop in your lunchbox. The great thing too its most things are low calories so no need to feel bad after eating them.

Another thing I really like about Graze is that they make it so personal with little touches, It mat just be with the first box I don't know yet but every little bit of paper has your name on it and you get 2 £5 gift vouchers to give to friends and also 4 little coupon cards with your very own promo code, so lovely and it really is the little things like that that make it for me.
I'm so excited to eat everything and get my next box. You get a choice of how many boxes you want to receive a month too, 2 a week, 1 a week or every other week. I get mine on a Monday, A good way to start the week and help me with my lunch time plans.

Delivery is free for your Graze box and its just £3.99 for the box itself. Also who doesn't love to receive parcels!!

Do you receive Graze already? What do you think?

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