Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Shopping List Repeats

Hello PPB's

Well today is a very wet and cold day in Cambridge so I decided to have a look through some old blog posts, its always nice to see how you've progressed and I like to see if there is any update posts I can do. It made me think though, as bloggers we try out and review so many products and yes okay we love them but even products we love can sometimes be replaced, so I decided to do a post today to show you the products I've already reviewed but still use! 

How many products you've reviewed can you honestly say you still used and love!

Don't get me wrong all my reviews are honest and I always make sure I really give products a chance before I review but even some of the best have been replaced and just fallen to the back of the storage draw. 

Here are the products I really now couldn't live without! and I'll link my original posts with them. P.S be warned some of the posts are quite old and therefore really not the greatest! haha If you want me to do any up to date reviews of anything just let me know! :) 
Redken Extreme - I've only had to repurchase the Anti-Snap once! It lasts for ages! I still use it every time I wash my hair, it makes brushing so much easier and my hair so soft, The shampoo and Conditioner I use for 1 wash week, I wash my hair every other day and I alternate between different Redken Products! Redken has become my go to brand for hair care!
Vaseline Spray & Go - Again I've only had to repurchase this once before, I just find it so much easier and quicker them moisturising with a cream its so hassle free and perfect for a lazy moisturiser like me! Why we never used a spray before I will never know! I really want them to make little travel size ones for my handbag!
No'7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - I swear by this stuff, this is my 3rd bottle and I still use it every night to remove my make up and even if I've had a fresh face day I use to to cleanse before using my toner, It just leaves my skin so smooth and clean and if I have any sign of a break out this stuff clears it up so quickly!
realTechniques Brushes - These continue to be my everyday brushes and my collection now consists of 11 brushes! These give my the best application and are so easy to maintain!
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - I only picked this up to begin with because I was too poor to buy my normal EsteĆ© Lauder Double wear, but now I use this daily and only use EsteĆ© Lauder on special occasions, The only difference I really see between he 2 is how long they last and of course the price! 

I hope you're all have a good and productive day! :) 

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