Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Morning Routine

Hello PPB's 

I hope your Thursday hasn't been as rainy as time! The sun is shining now but its been pretty wet most of the day. I love watching and reading about peoples everyday lives day to day, so I have decided to split my day into 2 posts, this one as you can tell from the title is my morning routine and tomorrows will be a day in the life and you can see how I've spent my day off today *warning both contain ALOT of pictures* Let me know if you like these kind of posts, I know I definitely do. :)

Okay so here we go :) 
Every morning I start of with a cup of tea and some Netflix right now I'm watching a Criminal minds spin off type thing, its actually quite good :) While I make my bed, I always like to light a candle in the morning too, don't really know why I just do :) Atm I'm burning Yankee Candle - Fireside Treats
Then its shower time :) I like to switch around my shampoo and conditioners, I tend to get better results if I do that then if I stick to using the same one every time, that's why I have so many different ones :)
Time to clean my face, I use N'7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and I have done for a few years now, I love it, it leaves my skin so soft and and clean, if I have any form of break out it never lasts long and I put it down to this amazing stuff! 
Then I obviously brush my teeth, but you don't really need a picture of that do you haha :) next I moisturise my face and lips.
I like to leave my moisturiser to soak in so I move onto my hair after applying it. I've just started using a Philip Smith Hot Air Brush to dry and style my hair and I'm loving it, It's from Sainsbury's and was half price, I had a Voucher to use after returning something previously so thought why not give it a go, it wasn't going to cost me anything anyway, best free purchase ever!
It leave my hair it so much more volume, I have very fine flat hair and this is been a hair changer, I really like how it curls in the ends too and defines my layers.
Then its make up time :) If you want to see what I have been wearing go to my April faves post HERE its all in that :)
I only use Real Technique brushes, I find them so easy to apply make ups with.
As this was a day off work I just went for comfy clothes :) Converse Leigh jeans and a Zara over sized top.
My morning routine its pretty much the same every morning, only difference being what clothes I wear :) I hope you enjoyed, to find out how I spent the rest of my day, make sure to follow to make sure you don't miss my Day in the life post! Also you can follow my twitter @pollypocketx91 to know when its going to go up :)  

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