Monday, 13 January 2014

Blast from the Past - TAG

Hello PPB's

I don't know about you but I love looking back through all the old photos from when I was a baby, remembering all the Fun times that have been had and being able to see photos from some of my 'firsts'. I also love TAG posts, so while I was lookg through photos we found in the loft this afternoon I thought what better that a tag post where I can share some of my favourite photos from when I was little, Also a perfect way for the nosey side of me gets to see baby photos of all of you!! 

So here is the Tag I have come up with, (I don't think there is one like this yet) all you do if find pictures to match the title :) There are 7 photos you need to find! :) One you have posted your photos Tag others to find theirs :) So easy!!

Find Photos from;

First Birthday
First Holiday
First Icecream
First Bike
First snow day
Biggest Grin
Once a diva always a diva 
(as this is a tag for Bbloggers find a photo when you first showed signs of loving fashion)

Here are Mine.

My First Birthday

My First Holiday

My First Icecream

My First Bike

My First Snowday

My Biggest Grin

Once a Diva always a Diva

I hope you like this tag! Its so fun going through all the photos! :)

I Tag!
Claire - Claire Louise
Claire - GisforGingers

And anyone who wants to do this Tag :D

If you do it, please leave your links in the comments Tweet me @pollypocketx91 Or leave it on my FB page Pollypocketbeauty. I'll RT and Share them all! :)

Lots of Love
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