Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Just a Quick Update...

Hello PPB's

I'm sure a lot of you are out in the cold watching the fireworks tonight, I'm on day 6 of 7 at work so Its a quiet night in for little me, Bubble bath, tea and cosy PJs for me. I came past midsummer common in Cambridge on the way home from work, thats where there is a massive firework display every year, It looked so busy! I've only been once and that one time I only saw the last firework go up because I got there to late haha! Fail!

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been posting much recently and its simply because I just haven't know what to post about, really bad bloggers block, I have felt really uninspired and I didn't want to do a post half hearted just so I could post something. My blog is a hobby that I love and I don't want it to turn into something I feel pressured about. If you have any suggestions about posts please do leave them in the comments :) Are there any good tags going around? 

So an update on me, I got a promotion at work! So happy its going to be hard work but I'm really looking forward to getting started with everything :) I've also recently got a new car, I've now got a little burgundy Mini, she is beautiful and my pride and joy! I've always wanted one! I have had so much trouble with my old one I really just needed to change it, it was costing me more to repair it then it did to buy a new one, I have got it on finance for 3 years, she is perfect!

A big hello to my new readers! It always makes me smile when I log on a find I have new readers! :) makes everything feel much More worth it! I do find it strange that people actually like to read my rambles haha! Make sure you follow me everywhere else too!!

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Thank you to everyone that has stuck with my little corner of the Internet even through the quiet times! :) I'm really hopeing to get a new laptop after chrsitmas and then I will be back properly with 3 posts a week.

Lots of Love 
 (and hugs)

P.S what did you dress up as for halloween!??

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