Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cupcakes, Cars and Woolly knits.

Hello PPB's

How are you all this week? All snuggled it warm clothing I hope! How cold has it got seriously, have you heard its meant to snow next week!! Time to get the mittens out I think!
This is my last Sunday off work for the next 5 weeks! :( I hate working Sundays, they are meant to be PJ days with bad food and good films! Today being a perfect example, I'm in my Pj bottoms with the bf's Knitted jumper and I'm watching Ice Age 2 :) How do you spend your Sundays?

I've decided to put my week of instagram on Sunday Rambles too now, I love seeing what people post and its the best way to see what people have been up to during the week, leave me your instagrams in the comments or tweet me them!
So I didn't actually post a lot this week, I'm normally always putting pictures up! 
Picture one -  is of my attempt of a Xmas cupcake haha! I was going to do a whole post of these but they really didn't turn put great, as you can see! I used the same idea that Anna Saccone  used to make her ghost ones during Halloween! The cakes themselves turned out really well but the decor not so well, can you even tell what its meant to be? haha
Picture 2 -  I've finally got a car that works and hopefully isn't going to brake down on me!! I've always wanted a mini and I thought if I don't get one know I probably never will because there not exactly a good family car, so while its just me and the bf I just went for it! :)
Picture 3 - You all know if you read my last post how much I love Christmas jumpers and the bf got me this one, how cute is it?! its from River Island Mens and is £38. I named the little penguin Percy :) It's so warm!!
Picture 4 - The bobble hats are back!! I'm pretty sure you will all know about 'The Big Knit' with Innocent smoothie :) for AgeUK. When I was picking a hat I felt like when everyone looked for their names on coke bottles haha searching through them all to find one I really liked! :) The smoothie was Mangoes and passion Fruit! :) I'm drinking it now and its so good!!

Who else is excited the I'm a Celeb starts again tonight?! I love it, Can't wait to get my cup of tea maybe some cake... and curl up on the sofa and watch it! :) 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Have an amazing week!

Lots of Love
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