Sunday, 4 August 2013

UPDATE - Hair!

Hello PPB's 
How are you all? Good I hope! :) Some of you may have noticed no post on Friday, thats because I was holding out for this! :) I got my hair done on Saturday!
I had it ombred :) What do you think? 
My aim is to grow it and so I thought the best way to do this without having to get it dyed all the time is to ombre with as close a possible colour my my natural colour on top. I love it! :) We did the ombre quiet high up so as it grows out it will last longer and wont have to have more blonde every time I have it trimmed :)

I have to go back on Friday to have more cut off though :( I made a promise with my hair dresser that if she let me keep the length for my birthday I would come back to have it cut! It really does need it! poor hair is in pretty bad condition atm, quiet dry! I have been using Moroccanoil everyday and it has really helped! If you suffer from dry frizzy hair I would really recommend it!
I have still been using Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner along with the anti-snap serum every time I wash, however when I have to re-purchase this time I'm going to get Redken Colour, for obvious reasons haha!

Let me know;
Do you like these kinds of post?
What hair care treatments do you use and love?

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Lots of Love
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