Monday, 3 September 2012

Monthly Favourites || August

I haven't ever done a Monthly favourites before but I have a few things I have really been loving this month, so I thought why not start now :) so from now on I will be doing monthly favourite! :) 
1) Cutex Strengthening nail polish remover - This stuff is amazing! I wear a lot of red nail polish because that's the only colour I can wear to work, now we all know how hard red it to get off! Not with this! its so easy and you don't need to scrub hardly at all. Clean wipes. Now all we need is a remover that does that with glitter polish!!
2) No7 Eye make up remover - I have always been pretty afraid of eye make up remover but this is amazing I have already done a review so make sure you go and take a read :) - HERE
3) Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - I have wanted these for ages and I Finally got them for my birthday :D happy girlie, I adore the scents! and they last for ages! which is perfect because you don't use it as quickly!
4) Moroccanoil - I use this practically every day if not every time I wash my hair, Its a god send! again I have done a review already so well...of you go! ... HERE
5) MAC Cosmo - I wear this everyday! its so creamy on the lips and the colour is perfect for a natural make up look! HERE you know what to do :)
6) ELF Beauty Book - The eye shadows in this are amazing and so easy to use! if your new to make up then I strongly suggest this as a starter palette!
7) TopShop dress - these are so cute, I have them in black and the purple shown in the picture! :) so comfy and so flattering! perfect for spring and perfect for autumn and winter with some nice tights and jacket! This dress is the main topic of my next post yay! OOTD! 

Lots of Love

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