Monday, 30 July 2012

Nail Care || Sally Hansen - Insta-Brite Nail Whitener

I paint my nails ALOT! I would say I have a different colour every other day! ( I get bored easy). As you all probably know wearing nail varnish alot will turn your nails well a yellow colour...EW...

 well Sally hansen hasn't failed me yet so thought I would give this a go.
I have been using it for around a week and a half now and I already see a difference, the yellow tone which had started to appear on my nails has practically gone and the tips of my nails look white.
If I'm not wearing colour on my nails I haven't to have a clear (I hate naked nails) and this is perfect to use! 

It finishes your nails with a beauty shine like you have just used a clear and lovely for people to look at, but you know that its treating them aswell :D

I got this from Boots and it is pretty pricey (I think) at £6.45 pb, but I think its worth it, I will be repurchasing this as soon as I run out!

Are you a nail varnish addict like me?

Lots of Love 

P.S The pot behind the nail varnish is what I keep my Make Up brushes in, Pretty right!? :)
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