Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Rambles - Grandma's down :D

This week has been good and bad!! It started off very bad, after finding out I have now got a very rare side effect to arthritis...a very painful one, so I am currently on more tablets for that, but I can't take my strong pain killers for the arthritis with them because they react together and make me sick, so that has not been fun!!
On a happier note my Grandma has come to stay for 2 weeks :) most of my family live up north in Huddersfield in Yorkshire and Colne in Lancashire so I don't see them very often so when my Grandma comes down we make the most of it :) I have had many girlie days and evenings, so I thought it would be nice if I showed your a few pictures from her stay so far! :)
I always get treated with Grandmas here and this time is no different :) a new tea cup to the collection, and I have wanted a peace lily for AGES!! and I was meant to go out for lunch with my mum and Grandma yesterday but I was having a painful day so I wasn't able to, so she brought me one to cheer me up bless her! :D
We always reminisce in our childhood when she comes to stay too so of course we had to watch at least one disney film :) and yes that is a Video!! (so retro!!) The picture of the cat is when we where blowing up  the air bed and the noise fascinated her and scared her, I have never seen her eyes get so big! at one point they where completely black!! 
The day after she arrived the ducks arrived in our drive way! Spring is on its way!! :D Yay, also we have eaten far to much chocolate so far!! not good!!

I hope you have all had a lovely mother's day!

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