Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Rambles - 100th Post!! - Picture Post

WOW this is my 100th Post, I just quickly wanted to say a massive thank you to all my followers and to everyone who reads my blog! it really does me a lot! I love reading your comments and reading your blogs! please do leave your blog links in the comments I would love to find some new Blogs to follow!
The post is going to be another Photo post :) I was off work ill for two days this week :( not fun! and then had the worst drive in and home and day today, I like snow but only when I don't have to go out in it!
1) As is nearly valentines day I thought this picture was cute :) I love Penguins! 2) I put all my West End theatre tickets up around my favourite Ballet picture 3) Fish tail plait I did on my friends hair 4) New Yankee Candle 'Strawberry buttercream' 5) ducks on the pond near my house! 6) Aurora is such a cutie 7) River Island have Penguins in their window displays atm! I couldn't resist taking a picture. 8) me on pointe 9) little me as a bridesmaid 10) Aero bubble do a lamb shape chocolate! 11) heart shaped crisp 12) I got an iPhone this week and this is my case :) 13) I went to my friends for dinner yesterday after work and this is what was waiting for me when I walked it! :)

wow how unlucky 13 pictures haha. I hope you like my picture posts, I love looking at pictures on blogs!
So as you found out from the pictures I got an iphone this week! :) and I am now addicted to instagram!! Do any of you use it? if so what are your names on it! I would love to follow you! :)

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I will leave with a snow picture :)
My kittens paw prints around the edge of the garden! it was her first experience with snow bless her! :)

Stay safe everyone!!

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