Saturday, 18 February 2012

Room Tour - Before the Decorating begins!

Happy Saturday ladies, so sorry about the lack of blogs this week, just not really known what to blog about having a bit of bloggers block!
Now I am planning on redecorating my room, and a few people have asked me to do a before and after room tour kind of thing, well its going to take me awhile to save up to get my room exactly how I want it to be, so I though I would show you what its like now.
I have a rather small room, but I quiet like that! its cute I like to think :) so here are a few photos of the 'Before' bedroom.

I can't wait to start Decorating, Vintage room here I come! :)
I hope you enjoyed this random post :)
If you want to know where I have got anything, just ask in the comments below :) if you have a room tour send me the link to your blog! I am very nosy! :)

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