Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sally Hansen - Maximum growth treatment - Review

I think I have a seriously problem with buying things for my nails. I always have nail polish on and  I am forever buying new ones, my recent obsession being No7...(Thank you £5 off boots vouchers)...But all this polish is really not doing my nails much good, they have become very dry and flacky, chipping very easily and not really growing much.
So I was looking for a nail treatment to help my nails to become stronger. I have never really looked and other Sally Hansen products before, apart from the Insta-dry which I love! But apart from that I haven't ever thought about them.
Until now..
The Maximum Growth is a daily treatment, which says it will make your nails stronger and grow with having an effect after just one week. It says it makes your nails more flexible, making them less likely to chip and flack therefore making them grow longer.

 This is what my nails looked like before I started using the treatment Exactly 1 week ago. They where so weak and also after wearing so much nail polish my nails had gone a yellow stained colour (not nice!)
After 3 days, starting to see a difference!
This is my nails now! so much better! the Yellow tint has gone! Honestly there isn't much growth change yet, maybe a little, but the condition of my nails is so much better! I seriously love this stuff! This can also be used as a bottom coat, so you don't have to stop wearing your favorite bright nail colours while using it!
This cost £4.75 which you may think is a bit expensive but it is so worth it!!

While we are on the subject of reviews I brought No7's Foaming Cleanser, Would any of you like a review on it after I have used it a few times?

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