Thursday, 10 November 2011

45 Days till Christmas

I was internet shopping the other day (which I do far to much of) and for some reason went onto the M&S website, I never normally shop there because its normal really expensive. However I have brought a pair of shoes from there before and they where amazing quality and have lasted me about 3 years and are still going strong. I would show you a picture of them but they are in my locker at work because they are so comfy I wear them all day at work! :) 
Anyway I came across these beautiful pair of shoes!
It was love at first sight, I was very worried to look at the price but I was very surprised to see the price!
Barguin right! For real leather I thought this was such a good price, After the success of my last pair of M&S shoes I couldn't think of a reason not to get them.

They come in a variety of colours;

I got them in red because this Christmas at work we are doing the whole black uniform with red nails and shoes thing :) I am so excited to wear them!!
I love how the red isn't bright red, its more of a plumb red! Which means they will be so much easier to wear! :)
They are just a classic shoe and will go with most things! They will for sure not only be worn for work! I can promise that they will get a lot of wear :) 
If you want me to do a post showing how I will be wearing them, work uniform or everyday wear just leave a comment and I would love to do that :)

Thank you for reading!
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