Friday, 14 October 2011

Market Bargains

Good afternoon my lovelies, hope your all well?

So I went shopping yesterday afternoon after work with my mum, we had lunch then hit the shops. However the only thing I (my mum) brought wasn't from shop but off the local market. 

I don't normal look at the Market, the first thing I think of when it comes to markets is cheap therefore bad quality, well I was wrong! There are so many cute little vintage stalls on the market, stalls that do really pretty jewellery others that do loads of little vintage trinkets and vintage tea cups (which I collect).
We came across this one stall that was selling some beautiful scarfs, amazing colours and amazing patterns. My eyes where drawn to this one in particular because of the colours and the animal print.

I love how the colours all blend in together. Its made up of lots of different squares with different patterns, if the pattern is repeated its in a different colour.

The most amazing thing is it only cost £5!
Its so thick and snugglely, I have got it just in time for the cold winter that has decided to show itself this week!
I definitely suggest you go and have a look at your local market or a market near you, see what treasures you can find :)

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