Thursday, 28 July 2011


So....i have just moved to London to move in with my Boyfriend. Its the scariest thing i have ever done in my life! Coming from my little town to this is just insane. 
Don't even mention trying to find a job.
I used to work at 'New Look' i loved it working with fashion it what i love most. when i found out i was going to move to London i tried to get a transfer to a New Look here in London but that failed, no where wanted or needed anymore people.
So my boyfriend got me a job in a bar, he works in a bar and loves it, he got a favor from his old manager and he hired me.
Well i have now discovered i am really not right for bar work, i am far to shy. So now i am looking for another job,i really want to work in a little boutique, or in a high end clothing store, but there really isnt anything here, people always say its easy to find a job in London, so not true!!
So here i am unemployed, sat at home, while he goes off every night and works till stupid 0'clock in the morning.

Lonely times.

So this blog is going to be my life in London, also it gives me something to concentrate on while i have nothing else to do, i will be writing about things i am interested in , like items of clothing i have found that i love and so on. 

Write Later
xx <3

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