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Motivate Me #6

Well Hello my little beauties!

It has been way too long since I blogged! My last blog post was on the 19th of October! Such a bad blogger right here. In my defence I have been focusing a lot of my time on my YouTube Channel and if you have popped over there yet I'll leave a link at the end! :) 

Another reason I haven't really blogged is because I just haven't had the chance or time to just sit down and type a blog post and take photos and so on, So I thought the perfect way to come back was with a 'Motivate Me' post. I love typing theses as they really make me think about life and I need to learn from what I preach.

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As its now that Christmas shopping time I have found working in retail such hard work, I have been really struggling with anxiety recently and this has really not help. Many people become very rude and genuinely feels like they forget that us assistants helping them are human too and have feelings! I think the 8 things above are so important for myself to remember but also people shopping or out and about to remember! 

1) Just remember to stop and relax, rushing around and stressing over things is not good for you're health wether you suffer from anxiety or not, it will exhaust your body and make you ill. Also make time yourself, even if its just 1.2 evenings a week just have some me time and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

2) Thank you are 2 very little words that mean a lot and so many of us forget them! Working in retail a little thank you after I've helped someone really makes a difference to my day. 

3) A simple smile as you pass a strange can make help someones day. Do you not find that even if you're having a bad day if someone smiles at your or makes your smile you even for a minute forget what your angry or upset about?

4) Remember to breath and this is something I really need to remember. When you start to feel stressed or anxious, stop, shut your eyes and take a deep breath. 

5) A small compliment can turn someones day around! I always say, People are very quick to complain and moan but never to compliment but a compliment is much more powerful! An example being the other day at work, my colleague was serving a lovely couple and the gentleman came over to myself and my manger and said he wanted to pass on that her service was amazing and that she has been very genuine and couldn't have helped them anymore. This changed everyones mood in the shop and the day finished on a high! 

6) It's the small things that matter, going back to a simple thank you and a little smile.

7) Frame of mind makes a massive difference in how your day will go, If you wake up and just straight away think that today is going to be awful, it probably will be because all you will see is the negative of it. If you go into your day thinking, I'm going to do my best today and be happy and not let things upset me, from personal experience I have found those days to be much for for filling and productive.

8) Through out everyday there will always be something good, you just have to look for it. At the end of everyday sit down and find something good that happened or something that make your smile or laugh. You won't go through a whole day without smiling at something. I try to do this and yes somedays its hard but I always managed to think of something and it makes me feel so much happier about that day I've just had and the day to come when I wake up.

I truly think that remembering these 8 things will help us get through any stressful time. Just remember you don't know whats happening in someone else's life so just think before your act and before you speak. 'Treat others how you wish to be treated' this couldn't be more important and is something I try to live by.

Have fun and stay safe while Christmas shopping and celebrating :)

My latest video is below I'd love you to go and check it out! :)

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