Sunday, 18 March 2012

No'7 Mascara - Exquisite Curl - Review

I have only just really discovered No'7 all thanks to the wonderful vouchers at Boots!! :)
Now I had heard good and band things about their make up, some people love it and others really don't but like I always do I had to go buy something to try it out! And i am so impressed.

I chose to buy a mascara purely for the reason that I needed a new one, and I brought Exquisite Curl because I love the long curled lashes.
I am so impressed!! Seriously!!

I adore the packaging! its so sleek and professional, I am not ashamed to pop it out of my make up bag when a little touch up is needed.
The result you get from it is stunning too...

These photos where taken with 3 layers and look no clumps!! 

With one coat it gives a beautiful natural lash and you can just layer it for a more fuller lash and it doesn't clump!
This is now my favourite Mascara...yes yes I know I say that all the time but this seriously is my #1!!

For £13 I think its amazing when when you can use the vouchers from boots £8 its even better! :)


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