Saturday, 21 January 2012

No7 - MeMeMe

You must all know by now about the vouchers you get at Boots when you spend over £5, you get the £5 off voucher for No7, I get very excited when I get one! :)
I have wanted a Bright 'Barbie' Pink nail varnish for a while, but i am always abit nervous about buying bright colours because sometimes I find that they coem dry streaky or be clumpy and to think to paint well. I have never tried No7 nail varnish before, mainly because I think they are quiet expensive at £7 each and when you get get most of the colours in a cheaper brand, why not get the cheaper one. However with the voucher they only cost £2 so I thought....Why not give it a go.
I brought this one!

I love it!! It takes 2 coats to get the full effect, and it dries so quickly! I can not wait to get another voucher, I am now going to collect the No7 nail varnishes! (I have a problem with nail varnishes)
Some of you may be thinking why am I doing a nail post on the blog, well I deleted my nail blog because I stopped changing my nail colour so much because I was damaging my nails, so now nail posts will be posted on here again! :)
What have you brought with your vouchers? Have you tried any of the nail varnishes?
Thank you for reading
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