Saturday, 8 October 2011

TAG - This or That

Well its Half past midnight right now and I can't sleep so I decided to do a Tag blog post :) 

Enjoy and I tag you all to do it!

[Blush or Bronzer] Blush.
[Lip gloss or Lipstick] Lipstick.
[Eyeliner or Mascara] Mascara.
[Foundation or concealer] Foundation, although I like to use tinted moisturiser.
[Neutral or colour eye shadow] Neutral, that's if I am wearing any.
[Pressed or Loose eye shadow] Pressed.
[Brushes or Sponges] Brushes.


[OPI or China Glaze] I haven't used either of these Brands However I really want to try OPI :).
[Long or Short] Long.
[Acrylic or Natural] Natural, I have had Acrylic but I really don't like the after effects.
[Brights or Darks] Brights :)
[Flower or No Flower] Flower.


[Perfume or Body Splash] Perfume.
[Body Wash or Soap] Body Wash.
[Lush or Other Bath Company] LUSH!!! I wish to own everything!!


[Curley or Striaght] My hair has a natural wave to it, although I do straighten it for work.
[Bun or ponytail] I love a big messy bun :).
[Bobby pins or Butterfly Clips] Bobby pins.
[Hairspray or Gel] Hairspray, its to much gentler on your hair.
[Light or Dark] Well...I have had many, but atm its light :).
[Side Sweep Fringe or Full Fringe] Side sweep.
[Up or Down] Down, I don't like my hair up.


[Rain or Shine] Shine
[Summer or Winter] Winter, I love you snuggle in my woollies :).
[Fall or Spring] Spring.
[Chocolate or Vanilla] Vanilla, Food and Smell :).
[East Coast or West Coast] East.

Well now you know more about me than you did this morning:)

Its now 1am so Sweet Dreams lovelies



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