Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nail Of The Day

Good Afternoon my Lovelies.
Recently I have seen a lot of people who have painted their nails one colour, except for their ring finger which is painted in a contrasting colour, So because I was going out today I decided to do mine with the same idea.

I used BarryM nail paints, these are my favourite brand for nail varnishes, I have now got a rather large collection and its still growing :)

£2.99 each

Before and after putting the coloured nail paints on I also used a base and top coat, this is also from BarryM and is a 3 in 1.

This is also £2.99

I use this every time I put nail varnish on to protect my nail from being stained by the colour I'm using and over the top to protect the colour from chipping as easily. As you can see from the picture I use it a lot and really need to get a new one.  

If you want to buy any BarryM nail paints or make up you can find it at any: Boots store, Superdrug store and also online:



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