Friday, 28 October 2011

Garnier BB cream Review

Hello ladies.
I received my my free sample of BB Cream in light the other day, I have put off doing a review because my camera is currently very poorly.
However I really wanted to let your girlies know what I thought, so when my camera is all better I will add photos to this blog and let you all know they are up.

Now I have read different reviews for BB cream good an bad. I am personally more on the bad side i am sad to say.
I really wasn't impressed with the product at all, I found it to be very greasy on the skin, making it look very shiny and just not very nice, i feel it make my skin look like i hadn't washed my face for a few days! (I can promise you I wash my face everyday) I didn't find it very 'comfortable' to wear.
Also I ordered the sample to light skin. Well if this is for light skin, my skin must be completely white, when i applied this to my face, I looked like I have been tangoed, as if I have put on a foundation about 3 sades to dark for my skin.

Not impressed.

After saying that, this product may be more suitable for people with dry skin, but for me it is a definite no no.
I also found after using it and removing it, over the next few days my skin broke out, I feel this is due the the greasiness of the cream.

I would love to hear your opinions of the cream, so leave me a comment below :)


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