Monday, 17 October 2011

Childhood Tag

I saw this tag going around and though it was really cute :) so I decided to do it myself.

Me as a bridesmaid at my mums wedding :) I think I was dancing

1) Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a town near Cambridge called Soham, I have lived here my whole life.

2) Were you a good kid?
Of course! ha, I am sure every kid has there naughty days, I wasn't an angel everyday.

3) What was your worst punishment?
I wasn't really ever punished, but when I was really little we had the naughty step in my house, I would never step on it even if I hadn't done anything wrong, I would jump over it whenever I went upstairs :).

4) What did you do during the summers?
Every summer we would always go on a holiday with my mum to the beach, I remember there were the most amazing donuts there :) With my Dad me and my brother would go up north to Huddersfield to see family :).

5) What is your best childhood memory?
Ahhh I cant think of one on the spot....

6) What was your favourite toy?
I had a big floppy dog :) it went everywhere with me.

7) What was your favourite tv show?
Winnie the pooh, bagpuss, and my mum had a video (yes a video!) called 'watch with mother' I loved that, it had Andy Pandy on it!

8) What was your favourite game?
I used to always play with my dolly :) haha she was called 'tiny tears' she was meant to be like a real baby.

9) Were you ever bullied?
No a few comments like little kids do, but never bullied.

10) Do you stay in contact with your childhood friends?
Yes, not all but alot of them :) My oldest friend I knew before I even started school :)

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