Monday, 15 August 2011

Billy Elliot the musical

On the 13th of august my fabulous boyfriend took me to see Billy Elliot at the Victoria palace theatre in London for my birthday.
that is all I can say, it was truly amazing, my new favourite musical (yes I say that every time I see a musical).
On the night I went, the role of Billy was played by Scott McKenzie, he is 13 years old and a spectacular dancer, he and all the others are a true inspiration to what can be achieved.
Scott McKenzie is from Scotland and he is the second Scottish billy to ever play the role. Billy Elliot is his dream role and he wants to go one and train to become a professional ballet dancer and for sure he will make that dream come true as well.

Yes I did cry how could I not through 'The Letter'-

 <3 'she must have been a very special woman'
'no, she was just me mum' <3

This musical is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to make it in the world of dance, making people believe they can make their own dreams come true, no matter what their background.

I strongly recommend this magical musical if you want a amazing night out!

I am hoping to go see it again!   

keep your dreams alive!


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